Banana rental

for up to 8 pax!

Banana por 15 minutos


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Enjoy the adventure keeping in mind this information

What do you have to know?

  • You will have a fast boat and our Banana for the real time contracted. It is necessary to be present at least 30 minutes before the reservation for the explanation, otherwise it will be subtracted from the contracted time. Make the most of the time!
  • Activity suitable for children.
  • All participants must bring their ID card or passport.
  • Sea Riders reserves the right to cancel or delay the time of the activity for technical, meteorological or logistical reasons.
  • Showers and lockers are available 2€ additional to the reservation.
  • You have neoprene 2€ additional to the reservation.


A fun adventure to enjoy with friends or family full of lots of jumping and laughter.

We already know that the banana over the sea becomes one of the funniest experiences you can have with your friends and family. Emotions come to the fore while our boat drags you at full speed and you try to stay on the classic yellow inflatable.

If you don’t fall off the Banana, you’re not having a good time. Our boat captain will do his best to get you wet through the turns and speed. Who will be the last to fall into the water? If this summer you see a Banana floating at full speed on the water, it means that there is fun and laughter in the sea. Will you let him get away?