Flyboard is the device that will make you enjoy the sea like you never imagined. Thanks to a board attached to your feet on one end, and to a Jet Ski on the other, you’ll fly like a bird over the sea and jump like a dolphin! Enjoy an adventure that will blow your mind!

Jet Ski

Enjoy a personal water craft, NO LICENSE REQUIRED, no buoy courses. With Sea Riders Badalona you will go on guided tours. A licensed instructor will oversee the activity, but you and only you will be in control of the water craft.


Enjoy our packs, Jet Ski + Flyboard combo! Don’t miss out on our packs! You can share them with your friends or else use them yourself and become a real pro!

Customer Reviews

Probé el Flyboard en la presentación y es una sensación espectacular, lo mas sorprendente que he hecho desde hace tiempo. Estoy deseando repetir. Recomendadísimo a todo el mundo!!!

Francisco Alvarez
Marina Badalona