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Licensed jet skis

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Your adventure at sea starts here

What do you have to know?

  • These jet skis are the most powerful in Catalonia, so you need to have the required license (titulín, navigation license, PNB or PER)
  • You will drive a jet ski Seadoo GTI 130 hp and/or GTX 130hp for the real time contracted. It is necessary to be present at least 30 minutes before the reservation for the explanation, otherwise it will be subtracted from the contracted time. Make the most of the time!
  • Even if you are a pro, security is important. You will receive all the necessary instructions for your safety, as well as the equipment: wetsuit and vest.
  • Fuel is included .
  • It’s more fun together! You can bring a companion at no additional cost (minimum height 1.20 meters)
  • All participants must bring their ID or passport and can only drive over 18 years of age.
  • A deposit of €350 per motorcycle must be provided , which will be returned at the end of the activity if there has been no problem.
  • Sea Riders reserves the right to cancel or delay the time of the activity for technical, meteorological or logistical reasons .
  • In case you cannot come on the agreed day and you need to change your reservation, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. We will try to see all the possible options so that you can enjoy the activity.
  • You already know, but we remind you, bring a towel and swimsuit. You will get wet!
  • Showers and lockers are available 2€ additional to the reservation.
  • You have neoprene 2€ additional to the reservation.

super offers for you

40 minutes100€
1 hour140€
2 hours240€

Details of promotions

  • Oferta del 15% en alquiler de motos de agua por 40, 60 y 120 minutos, debes utilizar el cupón BCNCL15

Record your adventure in 5K!

Share your adventure with your friends on social networks. Rent the GoPro camera and record the best images for 30€. (with chest or handlebar mount) includes the memory card (MicroSD) that comes with the images.


With licence

At SeaRiders we are passionate about the sea and extreme sensations, and we know that the best combination is on a jet ski. If you are an addict like us and have a license, we are waiting for you. 

After all the effort to get your license, you deserve to experience the speed of our fleet of Bombardier Seadoo GTI 130 CV and  GTX 130CV, without a doubt one of the fastest jet skis in Barcelona, and which are also fun and easy to drive. The perfect combination to kick it up a notch.

You will have at your disposal all the necessary equipment included in the price: the vest and wetsuit. (Fuel is paid separately) You can also rent one of our GoPro Hero 9 cameras (GoPro’s most advanced) if you feel like sharing your technique with your colleagues. 

And if you also want to take advantage of the best price and organize your summer at sea, we have bonus hours for you to enjoy whenever you want. You can buy it online, or call us and make your reservation.

bono de horas moto de agua para titulados en barcelona

10h voucher on a jet ski

Free use for 10 hours of a Seadoo GTI 130hp jet ski, fuel included.

bono de horas moto de agua para titulados en barcelona


15h voucher on a jet ski

Free use for 15 hours of a Seadoo GTI 130cv jet ski, fuel included.

bono de horas moto de agua para titulados en barcelona


20h voucher on a jet ski

Free use for 20 hours of a Seadoo GTI 130hp jet ski, fuel included.

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