adrenaline and speed


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Your rush of emotions

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What do you have to know?

  • You will have a boat and a wakeboard for the real time contracted. It is necessary to be present at least 30 minutes before the reservation for the explanation, otherwise it will be subtracted from the contracted time. Make the most of the time!
  • You will be accompanied by an instructor who will give you all the instructions to learn to handle the Wakeboard and you will receive all the necessary instructions for your safety, as well as the equipment: neoprene, helmet and vest.
  • You can bring one or more companions who only go on the boat for an additional 15€.
  • All participants must bring their ID or passport.
  • We recommend bringing a towel and a swimsuit. You will get wet!
  • SeaRiders reserves the right to cancel or delay the time of the activity due to technical, meteorological or logistical reasons.
  • Showers and lockers are available 2€ additional to the reservation.
  • You have neoprene 2€ additional to the reservation.
SeaRiders_wakeboard profesional-

professional table

SeaRiders_wakeboard principiante-

Beginner board

Details of promotions

  • Oferta del 15% debes utilizar el cupón WAKE15
15 min69€
30 min99€
1 hour149€

Record your adventure in 5K!

Share your adventure with your friends on social networks. Rent the GoPro camera and record the best images for 30€. (with chest or handlebar mount) includes the memory card (MicroSD) that comes with the images.


Speed, sea water and adrenaline. The perfect combination.

Wakeboarding is the king of motorized water sports and it’s easy to see why. The combination of speed, together with the adrenaline that accumulates through your veins, while you jump over the waves is inimitable. Propelled by a boat and with the help of a rope (palonier), you will slide over the sea with a table similar to those of Snowboard. (We have boards for Pros and Beginners)

As in all sports, there is always a first time, and our instructors will be there with you to teach you everything you need to know to dominate the waves. With patience and attitude, you have everything to be a Wakeboard crack.

And like everything in the sea, it’s always more fun with friends. For an additional €10, you can bring a companion on the boat. An ideal opportunity to record your adventures on the sea of Barcelona.