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What do you have to know?

  • You will have all the necessary equipment for your safety: vest and helmet.
  • It is necessary to be present at least 30 minutes before the reservation for the explanation, otherwise it will be subtracted from the contracted time. Make the most of the time!
  • All participants must bring their ID or passport
  • The activity can be shared between 1 and 4 people depending on the contracted time : 30 min up to 2 people; 1 hour up to 4 people.
  • The minimum age to carry out the activity is 12 years old, provided that the minor is accompanied by an adult.
  • You can bring one or more companions who only go on the boat for an additional 15€.
  • We recommend bringing a towel and a swimsuit. You will get wet!
  • SeaRiders reserves the right to cancel or delay the time of the activity due to technical, meteorological or logistical reasons.
  • Showers and lockers are available 2€ additional to the reservation.
  • You have neoprene 2€ additional to the reservation.
15 min95€
30 min170€
1 hour290€

Record your adventure in 5K!

Share your adventure with your friends on social networks. Rent the GoPro camera and record the best images for 25€. (with chest or handlebar mount) includes the memory card (MicroSD) that comes with the images.


flying over the beaches of Barcelona

We have all wanted to fly at some point, and with the Flyboard, this is your chance. The Flyboard is the latest novelty in water sports, in which with the power of the water that comes out of the motorcycle engine, you will be propelled in the air with special boots. Feel like Iron-Man, but cooler!

The challenge is to master the flight and stabilize yourself so as not to fall into the water, but with practice and the help of our instructors, you will be able to fly in no time, and perhaps start doing some acrobatics. The fun will find you in the air!

It is an ideal activity to do individually and improve your technique, or to enjoy in a group setting challenges, such as who can stay in the air the longest. Whatever you do, we are sure that flying over the sea is an experience you will not forget.

As at SeaRiders we are addicted to strong emotions and providing the best service, we use the latest Zapata Racing models so that you can enjoy the best features safely. Book your departure with Flyboard on our website